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I always struggle with not being reactive and keeping my mouth shut. I have a question…. Thank you for a great article. Cardinal grand cross? Wait for next week…. How I learnt astrology… What time is it? The t-square. So, what is a t-square? A t-square is formed when 2 planets in opposition both form a square to a third planet. For this reason, another rule: T-squares will be in the same mode I use orbs of no more than 5 degrees applying and separating unless the Sun or Moon is involved.

What is the mode? All planets are in cardinal signs? You will be motivated towards action, actually doing something about something. Doing nothing should not be an option for you- no matter the discomfort that activity brings. All planets are in fixed signs?

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You are no stranger to hard work and perseverance- once you get started. You are, however slow to start and may resist change until you are ready to move. All planets are in flexible or mutable signs? You accept change, are happy to change course and learn and absorb new ideas but often lack the staying power or intestinal fortitude required to complete the work required. The best way to describe what is happening this month and the dynamics of this particular Grand Cross is to imagine a boxing ring, because as you can see from the picture above, their standoffs are creating a perfect square.

Now imagine that in each corner of the boxing ring stands a planet. When I first got into Astrology it was a very sharp and steep learning curve. In one corner you have Uranus, planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected, as old and wise as time itself, but modern in the way he operates.

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Uranus represents new and unconventional ways of looking at things, always challenging the status quo and always championing the truth. Uranus is the truth that at some point will find its time and operates through Eureka moments and those sudden shifts or developments that can turn a situation on its heels, sending you in a completely different direction. Here Pluto is the old gun and Mars is the young gun, equally hot headed, rebellious and out to cause trouble for the pleasure of it, but in a way that is about seeing results. Uranus and Pluto are both outer planets and with Uranus in Aries from to in Capricorn from to , they know that change, evolution and revolution take time, until things come to a head as they do this month.

Mars is full of testosterone and is like an impulsive youth, full of exuberance but devoid of patience. In the final corner is Jupiter, king of the planets and the planet of luck and expansion. While the other three planets break down old barriers, Jupiter is ready to create new growth on the other side. It is also part of a much bigger pattern, that has been building ever since Pluto returned to Capricorn in and even more so when Uranus returned to Aries in , was compounded when Jupiter returned to Cancer in June , with the final piece of the puzzle being Mars and his extended visit to Libra, his longest in over 30 years.

In every sense of the word the planets have aligned to make this Grand Cross possible, the most exact and powerful Grand Cross in our lifetime. What I like about Steve is that he is an honest, down to earth and practical Astrologer, giving you the facts, minus the New Age or spiritual layers. When you read your horoscopes, I will be paying particular attention to when the Moon reaches these points.

I hear his sardonic voice in my ear. Marian sent me a miraculous peacefulness -what an experience. The toxicity is leaving. Pacem in terris. My beloved son Michael passed away unexpectedly on the eve of the blood moon, Passover and the eve of the total lunar eclipse He was 22, my only child and the dearest spirit I have known.

What's True and What's Not

Thank you for your interpretations of the energies and guidance as to how to stay balanced. I agree that every loss creates a space for something new. I know it was his time but it hurts like no pain I have ever experienced.

Your words will help encourage me to stay on the right track and continue to spread more love in the world. Any kind advice is welcome. I am blown away. I KNEW something bigger was at play during a massive crumbling experience of a 10 year journey.

I had no idea of these celestial happenings. Now I have the answers.

Astrological Configurations

Thank you SO much!!!! Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Yes this is the time that astrologers have been noting as the most profound time of transformation for We are entering a juncture, a turning point as we individually and collectively come together at a the cross roads of imminent change. Inevitably the unknown can arouse fear and anxiety, and so it is of utmost importance right now that we take the time to ground , to pray, to meditate, to get enough sleep, to eat wholesome nourishing food and to take good care of ourselves so that we can meet the present with an open and courageous heart.

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What we focus our thoughts on right now is of utmost importance. Read this post here for some empowering words on this. We must not dwell on the hurt and the injustice of the past but instead focus on creative solutions. A great way to channel what is arising is to journal and allow those places inside you that are wanting to speak up to have a voice.

Grand Cross of *2014* and Crystals to Manage the Energy

Write it all out, let it flow. There is a great release that comes from allowing what has been repressed to have a voice. This does not have to be shared. In this way, we can release what needs to be expressed. We can come to terms with our own feelings first and then later, if necessary, we can address what is being called for in our relationships.

In this way, we are being responsible for our own healing and can then clearly communicate in a lesser charged manner. With an awareness of all the elements at play, we can better navigate these times. What is being called for, is unique to each one of us and we must seek to meet what arises with an open mind and heart. It happens when four planets hold the same or close degree in the four cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — each planet making a 90 degree angle from each other.

It would be hard to be in that vortex of energy, right? This is big news not only because of the duration approximately six months , but because of the heavyweight players involved — Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto.

What does this mean? Total gut level, hyper focused change. Without taking away from some of the not so happy connotations that a Grand Cross of this magnitude can bring about, I do not see much value in trying to predict the possibility of negative events. Every hindrance each squared aspect has the potential to lift the curtains of focused intent and perseverance. Every obstacle Grand Crosses are sure to bring some has the innate tendency to awaken our higher self in order to appreciate challenges and to show us how strong we really are.

Aspect Patterns

But it can also show us something greater: that it is possible to fight back with the weapon of peaceful resistance and creative inventiveness. It can encourage us to find alternative ways to deal with our problems. Mars opposing Uranus can challenge our freedoms so that we can dig deeper into our own soul to discover a truer freedom hidden within. It is not about fighting against change with a sense of dread.

Yet, this Grand Square should be a stepping stone into facing a darkness that we may have not have accepted yet, one that can awaken a deeper understanding of our own intrinsic worth and self-less values. They may reveal to us an inner light that we may have forgotten about; they may reveal secrets and bring truths to our attention.

A Grand Cross can bring challenges, but it can also shine the light into our own higher self while reminding us to have the faith to rely on something greater when all else fails. From our beloved Sarah Varcas from Astro-Awakenings. Come the lunar eclipse things are speeding up and the birth is imminent. Whatever we are experiencing at this time is our own personal fuel for the journey ahead and not to be judged, dismissed or denied , only acknowledged, embraced and respected for the message it holds for us.

In which case, enjoy!! But this opportunity requires a willingness to be vulnerable for a while, to see the world through new eyes and be prepared to turn things on their head. How much of us is our environment having to process on a daily basis?! If we find ourselves struggling with difficult emotions — our own or those of others — those very emotions can provide the fuel for deep transformation.