New moon january 3 astrology

At this New Moon January , you will notice that the sign of Capricorn is quite heavily tenanted! Saturn has just entered Capricorn too, the sign that it is most comfortable and powerful in. Terebellum is found on the hindquarter of the horse part of the archer. This star speaks of the need to come back down to earth and not lose touch with it.

Runaway technology that keeps us out of tune with natures cycles can result in us becoming unsympathetic to flora and fauna. Earthy folk will take it upon themselves to campaign to bring this earth-connection back and this goes a long way to redeeming the negative aspect of this star.

So conservationists will be active at this time just as much as those who are destructive towards nature. New Moon conjunct Venus expects a life of luxury and abundance and usually gets it. BUT, all this passivity, the New Moon wide open to being exploited and manipulated by the Svengalis of this world.

One thing Moon conjunct Venus wants above all else is peace and love.

The First New Moon of the Year Is Also a Solar Eclipse

Those touched by this New Moon will be hungry for affection and will comply to keep things as harmonious and pleasant as possible at all times. On an energetic level, you could even say this new moon is the real start of the New Year. Add a solar eclipse into the mix, and the potential for growth and transformation is compounded—making the start of this year the ideal astrological atmosphere for pointed goals with major staying power. Still, the only way to reach the mountaintop is one step at a time.

The Moon Phases in Astrology

And fortunately, Capricorn is as methodical and organized as it is ambitious! No matter how monumental a task may seem, it can always be broken up into smaller, more manageable pieces—and this new moon helps us implement step-by-step processes to set ourselves up for success.

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Yes, this new moon brings out the overachiever in all of us. But success is a marathon, not a sprint—so try to pace yourself.

What The New Moon In Capricorn And Solar Eclipse Means For Your Zodiac Sign

This new moon is about holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility for your own growth. Earth to Pisces! With your head so often in the clouds, getting involved with a group or a cause can be a great way to keep your feet on the ground. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Kelly Ripa Is Worth Millions.

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